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This is the end of the world...

but does it really matter?

19 June
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i'm keepin' it gangster; white girl style
100x100 icons, 3 doors down, a christmas story, adam sandler, aim, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, alien ant farm, altoids, amber, anti emo, anti tight pants, astrology, bands, barenakid ladies, baseball, basektball, being weird, ben, bobby labonte, boobs, bubble wrap, bubbles, butterfly effect, cameras, camping, candle box, candles, cheese, cherry coke, chris, clasic rock, computers, cooking, crazy town, cuddling, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, digital art, donnie darko, dorks, dr pepper, drawing, eminem, everlast, exploding dog, fairs, flowers, foamy, football, gaming, gay guys, ghosts, girl inturrupted, glow in the dark, gn'r, goo goo dolls, green day, hoodies, hootie and the blowfish, ice cream, incubus, internet, kitties, korn, laughing, led zeppelin, linkin park, lip rings, lit, love, lynard skynard, makeup, matchbox twenty, metallica, michelle branch, mints, moons, movies, mr pib, msn, music, never been kissed, nickelback, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, now and then, ouija board, painting, papa roach, pearl jam, photography, photoshop, pictures, pink floyd, poetry, psychology, puddle of mud, puppies, rain, rainy days, ramen noodles, reading, red hot chili pepers, road trips, rock, rocko's modern life, roller coasters, shaggy hair, shopping, simle empty soul, sixteen candles, sleep, sleeping, socks, spiderman, staind, stars, stick men, stuffed animals, sublime, sunsets, swimming, taking pictures, that 70's show, the 90's, the breakfast club, the gremlins, the offspring, the sims, theatre, three days grace, thriteen, tool, train, what's eating gilbert grape, white ninja, world domination, xbox, yahoo, you've got mail